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Alpatova A.A. 1
1 North Caucasus Federal University
The article deals with the problem of quality of service in tourism as one of the topical issues of the tourism industry. To solve this problem are proposed to improve the quality of the event service. In order to study the relevance of this issue have been studied materials research papers on selected topics : "Improving the quality of tourism services " Gospodinova M.P. , "Evaluation of tourist attractiveness of the mountain resort " Erkenova B.A. , "Integration strategies performance management and quality of service in the hotel enterprise " Alexina I.I , "The role of quality service in the tourist enterprise " N. Zelinsky , as well as materials science conference "Innovation processes in socio-cultural service and tourism in the modern world", which was held April 25, 2013 - April 26, 2013 in Novokuznetsk.
social and cultural service
The Key Words: quality of service