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Аптрахманова Э.А. 1 Рыбцова А.А. 1 Мухтарова Д.Р. 1
1 ФГБОУ ВО «Тюменский государственный университет»
Будучи государственными и муниципальными служащими, нам предстоит задуматься о проблемах, которые причиняют неудобства народу, живущему в нашей стране. Таковой является тема, рассматриваемая нами в данной статье. В настоящее время актуализировались вопросы, связанные с таким возрастным слоем, как молодёжь, влияние на его развитие различных факторов. В частности, мы провели небольшой опрос и выяснили, чем занимается молодое поколение в свободное от учебы и работы время. Многие из этих положений мы включили в список факторов, которые влияют на социализацию молодёжи. Мы рассмотрели воздействие СМИ на молодёжь, некорректное воспитание в семье и школе, ориентацию на зарубежную культуру. Так как данная проблема очень обсуждаема в наше время и практически имеет мало вариантов её урегулирования, мы привели несколько способов её решения с нашей точки зрения. Мы считаем, что представителям разных возрастных категорий нужно задумываться над этим, искать пути урегулирования проблемы становления молодёжи под влиянием различных факторов. Данная тема имеет большое значение в наше время, так как она охватывает многие аспекты нашей жизни и деятельности. Наши суждения мы также подтверждаем данными Всероссийского центра изучения общественного мнения.
воспитание молодёжи
сознание молодёжи
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Studying “State and municipal management” we discuss different issues relating to the systemic development of our state. In today's world there are many shortcomings in various social spheres. Many people are skeptical whether the youth is mature and able to make right decisions when it comes to its turn. As future managers we take seriously both political and social development issues, because we are the ones who will be, in one way or another, in charge of many things happening in our country and maybe abroad. The state of Russia depends directly on the development of civil society, on the influence of various factors on the consciousness of the younger generation, which will replace the current staff in the future [2].

To start with, let’s find out who belongs to the category of “youth”:

Youth is a socio-demographic group, allocated on the basis of age-related characteristics of the social situation of young people, their place and functions in the social structure of society, specific interests and values. There is no common opinion about age limits. We identified the age limit as 18-30 years [5].

We decided to conduct a small sociological survey among students of our age. As the result, it turned out that:

Among the 50 respondents surveyed: the options "Surf the Internet" and "Spend time with friends" were chosen by 16 people; the option "Read books" was chosen by one person; 10 persons have chosen the option "Attend some clubs". 4 people don’t have any free time, 3 people do nothing. No one watches TV.

These results have pointed at the development of ideas for the young generation socialization, cultural leisure, correct consciousness and worldview. The youth is the most vulnerable part of population as its worldview is still being shaped. Young people can easily be manipulated. Government should take it into consideration because the future of the country depends mostly on its people.

For their correct actualization, it is necessary to identify the main factors affecting the views of the youngsters:

1. Mass media (Internet, magazines, radio) [3];

2. Inappropriate child rearing in the family;

3. Excessive orientation to foreign culture and its values;

4. Low level of preschool and school education;

5. Absence of proper organization of leisure for children and youngsters [1].

As we are modern youngsters, we can say with confidence that all this influences our life.

Mass Media has a big influence on us, we even can’t imagine our lives without Vkontakte, Facebook, Instragram, Viber, What’s up and others. Technologies change our lifestyle and way of thinking.

The level and quality what is shown on TV is third-rate that doesn’t bring out the best in people and foster appreciation of beauty.

With so much information bombing us day and night, there is a need in its filtering. Fake news is what we have to deal with and need to apply some soft skills like critical thinking. Soft skills these are the skills which are universal no matter where you work.

Child rearing in the family has changed as well as the families. You get the impression that Xbox, tablet PC, Smartphone have become the substitute of a nanny and sometimes a parent. With the accelerated tempo of life and increasing workload people have less and less free time. When it concerns time distribution some parents may neglect their children, thinking that supporting them materially is their main parental duty.

The lack of human interaction in real life is unfortunately the indispensable feature of modern society. Although two popular answers of respondents to our survey to the question what they do in their free time were “surf the internet” and “spend time with friends”.

Orientation to foreign culture and values has become dominant and prevalent since 1990s because that was the time when the past was rejected, subject to criticism and skepticism. Nowadays the situation is not so bad, but still people prefer foreign to national. Consuming foreign products we consume foreign values.

There is a good Russian proverb “One man's meat is another man's poison” which means what is good or beneficial for one person is bad or harmful for another.

We consider that level of preschool and school education is low due to blind following foreign system of grading-testing. Soviet educational system was considered to be the best, but reformation period changed everything. American system of education was taken as a model.

Stuffing for examinations was Russian system of education a couple of years ago. Testing didn’t prove to be efficient because it prevents from bringing out many things that students know or don’t know. But luckily things change. School education is the foundation for the future of young people and the country. Government must be interested in having educated population.

Absence of proper organization of leisure for children and youngsters is not so acute today. But the thing is that proper can be perceived variously by different people. There are many ways to organize leisure and the main problem for some people is financial. Although these days you can easily find free of charge leisure activities suited to every fancy.

The state needs to take measures to solve problems that arise and affect these aspects. We propose the following solutions of these questions by means of state regulation:

- To limit the influence of the media, it is necessary to introduce a ban on the broadcasting of various talk shows, TV shows that use false information and focus on the wrong life values. Perhaps the closure of some TV channels or the introduction of age restrictions.

- The state also has a great influence on the educational system. We would like to make education more free in the choice of educational disciplines. We would introduce the "Fundamentals of etiquette", "Cultural traditions of Russia", "Communication skills", in addition to the basic subjects, in primary school. These would be short term educational courses that would not entail homework and be taught in an informal, playful form. Occupational guidance for schoolchildren should be introduced from the 5th to the 8th grades as well as teaching professionally oriented disciplines for 9 to 11 grades. Exam would be held only upon admission to a college or university. Thus, we would get more competent workers in different spheres.

In addition to formal education at school, informal education also has a great impact. This is very topical these days because of increasing competition in a labour market parents who want their children to be successful hire tutors and make their offsprings join different hobby groups. Under modern conditions people have to start thinking about the future of their children supplying them with necessary knowledge and skills. Competition is very strong.

Of course, not only the state plays a role in the youth development but also a family, and not the intermediate one.

The main values are laid in family. Parents should reconsider their views in education of younger generation, using as an excuse their being busy, they pay insufficient attention to their children. Some parents misunderstand the purpose of the gadgets, which cannot be considered as apparent evil. Instead of using them for the right purposes (for work), they keep them on open access, thereby allowing the child to ‘play’ with the tablet/phone/computer. They often use them to make their children do what the latter want or don’t want bargaining. So what impact could this have on the child? We think that it is extremely negative, because no one controls the actions of the child on the Internet. How do you explain this to your parents? It is very simple. Instead of useless TV shows, unnecessary advertising you can broadcast various social videos about the importance of family values. Of course, we are not talking about completely abandoning modern technologies as it is a part of our civilization. But do not forget that you need to use the distraction of electronic toys only occasionally, otherwise the child will quickly get used to them.

When relatives and parents have little contact with the younger generation, children begin to live an independent life. We now want to emphasize not on growing up fast, although this also plays an important role in their future life. The point is that parents rarely talk with children on education, morality, cultural values, what is good and what is bad. Sometimes, children, because of lack of attention, begin to spend more time on the Internet, studying various subcultures and other extraneous things. Since each country has its own mentality, these views are unacceptable in our country; therefore it will be difficult for Russian youth to socialize in society in the future.

To avoid these problems, we believe that adults are obliged to talk with children, to help them in the shaping patriotic views. The latter were undeservingly neglected and the focus has been shifted to alien culture and views, Coca-Cola and MacDonald’s. Consumer culture has prevailed over the rest.

We have already said that young people have a great influence on the future of the country and its development. Moreover, this is also manifested in the activity of young people. Studies show that young people have become more active in recent years, for example, taking part in various volunteer organizations, discussion clubs, and intellectual competitions. There is activity not only in this area. Despite the widespread belief that young people are much less likely to vote in the elections than members of older generations, the results of an exit poll by Russian Public Opinion Research Center show a different picture.


% of the Russian population

% of the number of election participants

18-34 years



35-59 years



60 years and older




The results of the survey show that youth representatives participated as actively in the voting as those of other age groups. [4]

In conclusion, I would like to say that the state and the family need not only to observe the above points, but also to offer accessible leisure facilities for young people. Children should be taught from childhood to books, but not to gadgets. Gadgets are also important but modern generations don’t have any problems using modern technologies, they grow up holding gadgets, so called Generations of gadgets.

Teenagers would benefit from attending various museums, concerts, performances, if they were not so expensive. From one hand, some students do not have the opportunity to go to a concert, as the prices for such events are too high. From another hand it is something of utopia, none of modern teenagers or few would like to do it voluntarily they need to be taught and acquainted with this type of leisure activity from kindergarten. As a result increasing cultural level will benefit overall human culture. But parents also need to review their behavior, because they should be an example for their children. Teach them to read books, to play various educational games, to communicate, to learn how to formulate and express their thoughts. Nowadays children are often left unattended in case of upbringing because parents think that it’s school’s duty as well as educating, school doesn’t agree being entrusted with this responsibility. Both sides don’t take into consideration that this process should be mutual. Spinoza’s saying “Nature abhors a vacuum” is very true. Thorough control is indispensable when the question is about social networks, distant interaction can cause real harm. There is a danger that there will be someone who will take this responsibility and the result is unpredictable. There as many good people as bad people in the internet society. And the latter can use children pursuing their own interests sometimes even ruining lives. Those who do it often escape punishment.

The society has recently been shocked having revealed the “Blue Whale Challenge” and so called “groups of death” which induced kids to commit suicide. The reason for such behavior is wish to be understood, popular, appreciated and loved. Another characteristic of modern society is rage for fame that has transformed into rage for selfie. People, especially the young ones, risk their lives to make one successful photo and gain swift-passing popularity to see another one make a better or more risky shot.

All this could make our society and in particular our youth more accomplished and the problem of incompetence of some workers would disappear. And the population would have the confidence that the future of the country is in the hands of young professionals. And grandmothers’ questions like: "What kind of youth is today?" perhaps would disappear.

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