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Starchikova N.E.
The Russian Academy of Natural History (105037, Moscow, p / 47), e-mail:

The Provincial Statistical Committee has beenthe body of the public state (e.g. Governmental) statistics in the provinces of the Russian Empire. «The Rules for the Statistic Division at the Council of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Statistical Committees in the Provinces» have been approved on December, 28, 1834 by the Emperor. The Decree of the Ruling Senate on the Provincial Statistical Committees organization has been adopted on January, 28, 1835. The Provincial Statistical Committees have been set up under the civil governors’ chairmanship. The secretary of the committee has been the current leader. In 1855, the Provincial Statistical Committees have been referred to the first instances. «The Regulations on the Provincial Statistical Committees» have been approved on December, 26, 1860. According to the Decree of the CPC RSFSR № 67, dated from September, 15, 1918, the Provincial Statistical Committees have officially been abolished. The Soviet State Statistics formation has been begun, on the basis of the statistical services of the Provincial Zemstvo Councils.

The Key Words: Provincial Statistical Committee, regional studies, statistics.

The covering letter to the scientific paper is drawn on the Institution’s letterhead, where the work has been performed, under the signature of the Institution’s head.

If the covering letter is drawn not on the Institution’s letterhead, and not be signed by the Institution’s head, it must be obligatorily signed by all the authors of the scientific paper.

The covering letter obligatorily (!) must be contained the following text.

We will ensure by the present letter, that the scientific paper’s placement «THE PAPER’S TITLE», the full names of the authors in the journal «EUROPEAN STUDENT SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL» does not violate any copyrights. The author (authors) transfers the non-exclusive rights to be used the scientific paper to the journal’s founder in perpetuity, by the full-text versions placing of the network issues on the website of the journal.

The author (authors) is borne his (their) responsible for the unauthorized use the objects of the intellectual property, the objects of the copyrights, in the full volume in the scientific paper, in accordance with the currently applicable international law.

The author (authors) confirms (confirm), that the directed paper had not been previously published anywhere, it was not directed, and it will not be sent for its publication in the other scientific publishing houses.

We also certify, that the author (authors) is (are) fully agree with the manuscript preparation main rules for its publication, having approved by the journal’s Editorial Staff of «EUROPEAN STUDENT SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL» and also having placed on the official website of the journal.

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